Frequently Asked Questions

Before I answer that, let’s understand what is “Analytics”. Analytics is the process of finding patterns in data to gain insights. So a business analytics app helps you find patterns in your business data to make informed decisions and answer critical business questions.

Good question. Well, to begin with, we work closely with you to identify the objective of the app. We target only one business process and help you find the questions you need answers for. After that, we design a story for you (the how part). Typically, this exercise is done in first 5 days. Once the story is ready, it will not take more than 5 days to deliver a working Business Analytics App.

Also the platform, we use to make these apps does the trick. It gives us ready to use blocks to create such apps quickly and beautifully.

Check out few of the analytics apps, we have created so far for SMEs and Fortune 50 companies.

For starters, we are not a self-service BI tool like Tableau and Qlikview. We create bespoke analytics apps, based on your requirements. The app is focused only on one business process of Sales, Marketing, Logistics, etc. Since we keep our scope limited, our apps are much more effective in terms of delivering analytics. For the same reason, they are cost effective and faster to implement.

We don’t think it would happen but still if that happens, we will absorb the cost and you won’t have to pay anything extra for the same. We will give you additional one month support for this delay.

We will help you make the app operational i.e. we will make sure it works for your business and gives insights you need. For that, we will give you a support for 1 month after we deliver an app.

Well, you should not need it after 1-month but still if you do, we will offer you an affordable annual support contract.

The idea is to enable more and more businesses to understand patterns of data and make informed decisions. Not forcing additional licensing fees helps the movement. This is our way of making this world a better place.

Yes, it is and we pride ourselves in making analytics beautiful.

Every app comes with a 1-month support where you can check for bugs and make sure the app is working to your liking. We guarantee that there won’t be much not to like after this period.

Of course you can and many a times you should. If you want insights for more than one business processes in your organization, you should buy separate app for both. You don’t need additional infrastructure for the same. All analytics apps share the common data store making them interoperable if required.

Well, if you are buying more than three apps, yes you will get discount. Get in touch to know more.

Well, we can and we have but for BA Apps, we expect you to write the mathematical models. We also have expert channel partner for writing mathematical models, if you cannot do it in-house. Our apps deliver the model output in a visually stunning way. In other words, BA Apps helps you operationalise your models.

Absolutely not. The beauty of our analytics apps is that they work with raw data of any business from any industry or domain.

A Linux-based machine with minimum configuration of 8GB of RAM, i5 Processor and 100GB Hard Disk should suffice to host any type of business analytics app. You can host the app on Amazon EC2 as well under your account.

It is not a must but preferable. Each business analytics app will be accessible via a unique URL.

Yes, absolutely. You can brand each business analytics app with your own logo and colors. Each app can be hosted on your company URL (generally subdomains) as well.

You don’t have to share all data with us during the development. You can share partial data or even data with sample values. Once we host the app in your infrastructure, you can replace the real data yourself in the app. Our one month support includes these activities.

Theoretically BA Apps can work with any amount of data as far as your server can handle it. But to give a number, the work comfortably with 1 to 10 millions rows of data.

We have created BA Apps for Healthcare, FMCG, Cement, Steel, Government for their Logistics, Sales, Marketing, Operations functions. As explained before, these apps are horizontal and can work for any industries or verticals.

We prefer sourcing data in .csv format right now to keep scope limited. All RDBMSs and Executions Systems have capability of exporting data in .csv format thus making it an ideal choice for BA Apps. But still if you want to integrate any other data sources, we are open to discuss.

We take 30% advance to start the work, 50% on completion of the app development and remaining 20% after one month support. You will have to wire the money in our bank account.

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