Discover and communicate meaningful patterns in data.

analytics Delivered
in 10 days for $10k


To understand what is BA Apps, let’s understand the word Analytics first.

Analytics is the process of finding patterns in data to gain insights.

BA Apps delivers beautiful “Business Analytics App” in a fraction of cost ($10K) and time (10 Days) compared to existing BI and Analytics Platforms.

A Business Analytics App helps you find patterns in your business data to answer critical business questions and make informed decisions. It is focused only on one business process of your organization.


Today's enterprises and small businesses have a lot of data in place but most are unable to identify patterns in that data to gain insights and make informed decisions.

As a decision maker, you know the questions you need answers for but don’t know which visualizations will help you identify the patterns in data more meaningfully.

Also existing BI and Analytics platforms...

...are very expensive and have recurring cost associated with them. They bind you for the long-term with uncertain ROI.

...take considerable time to roll out across the organization and require special skills to operate, manage and maintain them.

...remain restricted to top management or few select people in the organization as they are very hard to collaborate on.


No upfront or annual licensing cost. No per user licence to operate.

Deploy on your own infrastructure and do not require you to part from your data.

Best visualization library to discover and communicate meaningful patterns in data.

Analytics in a fraction of cost and time compared to existing BI / Analytics Platforms.

Custom made for your requirements. Works on Desktop (Web), Tablet and Mobile interfaces.

Works internally and externally for your clients or investors with selective data.


"BA Apps helped us create a client facing app, our clients are major banks.
Their team is very responsive. The end result was a tool that is very modern in design, fast and provides an excellent user experience."


Dan Feshbach, MeasureOne (USA)

Domain: Student Loan Analytics

"BA Apps has a unique commercial model of creating analytical apps, eliminating the need for second guessing the annual or user licensing costs. My clients have started embracing this unique model and are very satisfied with the outcome."


Prashant Nagpure, KNEX Inc. (Malaysia)

Domain: Logistics Analytics

"My clients are finding insights and anomalies very quickly from their data because of the innovative visualizations BA Apps has created for them. They have never seen such cool and meaningful way to represent data before. Healthcare analytics is beautiful because of BA Apps."


Ashok Savdharia, H2A Systems (USA)

Domain: Healthcare Analytics

"BA Apps enabled us to visualize our key operational metrics in a very intuitive dashboard. The platform helps us understand our customers and their needs better. The platform’s business model also makes the whole proposition more attractive."


Chintan Soni, Ecolibrium Energy (India)

Domain: Energy Analytics

"Got big data? then make it work for you. Crack the patterns in your data and get instant insights. Thank you BA Apps."

Hrushi Mehta

Hrushi Mehta, Chitra Publicity (OOH) Gujarat

Domain: OOH Advertising


PREVIEW is a free utility developed by BA Apps for you to visualize your data in cool visualizations!

It does not save your data and helps you understand it better before you make a decision to go for BA Apps.

You can even export the visualisations in vector (SVG) or raster (PNG) formats to embed them in your web page. So why don’t you give it a try right now?